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Surgical Department

Our list of departments includes the lion's share of all medical and surgical specialties.

General Surgery
Surgeries of all types are performed by our team of experienced and skilled surgeons in both emergency and scheduled conditions. Surgeries for Hernia, Appendix, Thyroid, Breast, etc are performed frequently.

Laparoscopic Surgery
All advanced Laparoscopic procedures are done with the 3 - chip camera, the first of its kind in Coimbatore. Xenon lights increase the accuracy of the diagnosis three fold.

Accident and Orthopaedic Care
The close proximity of KTVR Group Hospital to main roads saves time in accident cases. Medico Legal Cases are also undertaken. 24 hours care is ensured. Physiotherapy is also available.

Gastro - Enterology
Patients with problems of the stomach, intestines, piles, etc are well treated. Upper GI Endoscopies and colonoscopy procedures are done commonly.

Neuro Surgery
Excellent Neuro support systems ensures smooth running of the department. All types of Neurosurgeries are done here.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Antenatal mothers are treated with utmost care including periodical tests and scans. All facilities are available for Infertility work-ups and Menopausal clinic.

All procedures in Urology are done comfortably to the patients by our team of surgeons including Endo-Urological procedures.

Paediatric Surgery
Patients of paediatric age are treated palatably regarding surgery. Our Paediatric Surgeons take ultimate efforts to operate with perfection.

Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery is done to patients of accidents, Trauma and other injuries. Our team of surgeons has been accredited for the same.

Vascular Surgery
Surgeries are done in Varicosities, Thrombosis and all disorders of vasculature by team of surgeons. Vascular Doppler studies are available.

ENT Surgery
Our Otorhinolaryngology Department is well functioning with Rhino-Endoscopic surgery it gives a helping hand in many emergency situations.

Thoracic Surgery
Most of the types of Thoracic Surgeries are performed by the eminent team of our surgeons including injuries.


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