Our general facilities are of the best kind available in the city.

Laboratory & X-ray
Ours is a full-fledged clinical laboratory equipped to do any test round the clock. We maintain a Creditable position in the Laboratory Standards List of Christian Medical College, Vellore.

We have a 24-hours pharmacy serving the needs of both in-patients and out-patients. Our pharmacy is also equipped with the life saving drugs.

We provide 24-hours ambulance service reducing the transport time of patients to reach us. The public can utilize the ambulance facility for any emergency at a very short notice by contacting us at (0422) 2445451, 2445311, and 2445811.

We maintain a hygienic and economical canteen offering nutritious food stuff. We also supply special diets to patients as per the dietician's prescription.

Dietetics & Physiotherapy
We provide prescriptions for diet by qualified dieticians to patients suffering from ulcer, diabetes, hypertension and other ailments. Physiotherapy co-ordinates with the departments of Orthopaedics, Neurology and Rheumatology, serving the patients. Our Rehabilitation Centre is also well concerned with the patients. Physiotherapy is valuable in cardiac, neurological and trauma victims.

Physiotherapy Treatment can be given to

Orthopaedic conditions like disc lesions, degenerative joint conditions, fractures, arthritic problems, soft tissue injuries etc.
Neurological Problems like stroke, Nerve injuries, Bells palsy, Paraplegia and quadriplegia.
Chest conditions like asthma, chest secretions, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary tuberclosis, pneumothorax etc.
Treatment Modalities
KTVR physiotherapy department offers a very high sophisticated treatment with the equipments like
Shortware diathermy
Interferential therapy
Ultrasound therapy
Electrical muscle stimulator
Traction for cervical and lumber areas
Steam inhaler
Hot packs etc.
  With the help of skilled qualified and trained professional physiotherapists.

  KTVR Group Hospital
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