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Medical Department

Our list of departments includes the lion's share of all medical and surgical specialties.

General Medicine
Highly qualified physicians work round the clock. Thorough physical examinations are done to enable perfect treatment to the patients.

Intensive Care
Separate Intensive Care Units are present for all departments. A sterile environment is maintained. All life saving equipments are present including Pulse Oxymeter, Defibrillator, Nebulizer and Ventilator.

Child care begins right from resuscitation just after the birth. Immunization programmes are done with prior information to parents.

Emergency attention to Cardiac Patients is given top priority. A separate intensive coronary care unit with Echocardiography, Computerized Treadmill and colour dopplers ensure better protection. The calm environment favours the patients.

Lung ailments are attended with due care. We have separate clinics for asthma, tuberculosis and pulmonology with pulmonary Function tests.

Diabetic check-up and treatment is done with all facilities. Our dieticians are considerate and deal personally with diet advice to the patients.

Patients are treated for all types of Neurological disorders by our eminent consultants. Physiotherapists also attend to the ailments. Vascular doppler studies are available.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases are treated well by our consultants with physiotherapy and drugs.

Our kidney centre is well equipped and patients of all medical disorders regarding kidney are treated well.

The field of Psychiatry requires special mention. Our consultants are tolerant and patient to the suffering patients. Rehabilitation therapy is also presently instituted by the department.

Skin ailments ranging from allergies to melanomas are treated with all the care required, by our consultants.

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